At Blessed Oasis, we are committed to showering our guests with the highest level of personal service and care. You can think of us as a five-star hotel exclusively designed for guests with four legs. Here your pets are treated like family. Their unique preferences, needs and schedules are adhered to from a screened and handpicked staff, 24 hours a day. We truly enjoy caring for our guests and will do everything possible to help them stay healthy and feel happy.

Because we aimed to build a pet hotel and not a kennel you won’t find unsightly concrete walls and floors. Instead, Italian tile has been laid throughout the whole facility on both walls and floor providing an easily sanitized non-porous attractive surface. To maximize your puppy’s comfort large ceiling fans circulate the air in our sizable climate controlled rooms, sound absorbing tiles line the ceiling and individual doggy doors lead out to private patios. Ceiling speakers have also been installed to play soft music during thunderstorms and base artillery drills. To maximize your peace of mind every square foot of the facility is under webcam’s that are accessible 24/7 free of charge on our website or through a convenient app on your mobile device (iOS and Android compatible). To maximize sanitation we avoided all floor drains and instead opted for a state of the art central wet/dry vacuum system with outlets built into our walls.

At Blessed Oasis we aim to be your pets go-to destination when they are in need of a safe comfortable “hotel” while you are away. We hope to see you soon!