"Thank you for taking care of Trudy and Baxter. This is the best place I have ever boarded my dogs. The 24/7 in room live web cams were amazing! Very entertaining for nieces and nephews... I can and did see that they were very loved and taken care of. Thank you so much!!!!"
A. Keenan, Fayetteville
"I was referred to Blessed Oasis by my vet, and was pleased to discover it's owned and operated by a former co-worker! My slight bias aside, the hands down truth is that there is simply not a nicer pet boarding facility in the surrounding area. Sparkling new building? Check. Webcams to view your furry family members? Check. Compassionate staff? Check."
V. Ferriol, Fayetteville
"Very impressed with the owners and the facility! Caly and Savvy are in wonderful care and I am at ease!"
T. Bullock, Fayetteville
"This place is very impressive and not nearly as expensive as you would think it would be. Rates very reasonable. I like the idea of being able to view our dogs online whenever we want to."
J. Larson, Fayetteville
"I'm completely at ease knowing that my babies are being cared for by a great staff in a beautiful facility. It's great that they are so transparent, and I can log in and view my dogs during the day. This resort has a bright future"
K. Ko, Fayetteville
"My boys had a great time and besides the staff/owners being absolutely awesome, the place is also great and every time I checked the webcam the dogs looked happy and comfortable. So glad to have a place we feel comfortable leaving our dogs!"
B. Hafner, Fayetteville
"Thank you so very much for taking care of our Finnigan! We loved how clean the facility was, the attentive and caring the staff, and affordable rates. The in-suite cameras were awesome! We could see our pup on-line. Thank you!"
H. Jones-Gallagher, Fayetteville