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Vista Suite

For those who need larger accommodations, the Vista Suite offers a climate controlled 37 sq/ft living space leading out to a 42 sq/ft private patio. It has been designed to comfortably accommodate two average sized Labs and an average sized Boston Terrier.  For more information on how many dogs this room can comfortably handle please see the graphic below.  Additional guests sharing a room receive a discount.

What is included?

  • 24/7 HD Webcam
  • 32″ TV with familiar programming
  • Sound absorbing ceiling tile for improved ambience
  • Outdoor bathroom break access every 90 minutes all throughout the day
  • Doggy door with access to their own private patio
  • A minimum of two 30 min play sessions each day in one of our large play yards
  • Room service every morning so your pets area continually smells fresh
  • All food and water bowls washed every morning and evening

The Vista is designed to comfortably accommodate up to a total of 78 inches of canine as measured from tip of nose to rump.  When booking this room, please ensure the sum total of all your pets sharing this room does not exceed the 78 inch limit.

Vista Suite

A pampering oasis for your best friend.