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Pet Resort Spring Lake NC

Blessed Oasis Pet Resort provides a loving and safe place for all dogs! Our staff is carefully chosen for their love of dogs and ability to provide a one-of-a-kind experience during your dog’s visit! We will spoil your dog and treat them like royalty! It’s no wonder our guests are always happy to come back again and again! Our facility is a 5-star retreat that offers true comfort, clean air, sanitized non-porous floors, and soothing music for added comfort! With large ceiling fans and climate-controlled rooms, our resort is comfortable all year-round!

Dog Boarding

Whether you need to board your dog for a day or longer, we have the perfect size suite for all dogs. We offer three different luxury suites providing plenty of space ranging from 30 sq. ft. to 54 sq. ft and each with webcams when you want to check on your dog! With an easy access doggy door, each suite has its own private patio. We provide room service every morning when we sanitize the suite from floor to ceiling. With a minimum of two 30-minute play times in one of our large play yards and a bathroom break every 90 minutes during the day, your dog will stay active and relaxed during their own special getaway!

Dog Daycare

Our dog daycare will keep your dog active physically and mentally active! When your days are busy, instead of leaving your dog home with no interaction, dog daycare provides socializing while developing good behavior under the direction of a certified dog trainer. Every day we have a different lesson that helps train and reinforce your dog’s good manners. Our themes include: Manners Monday, Train Me Tuesday, Walk it Wednesday, Take it Thursday and Freedom Friday (Recall). We are open 6:30 am – 6:30 pm to meet our clients busy schedules. Every dog is temperament tested to make sure we are a good fit!

Dog Grooming

 The groomers at Blessed Oasis Pet Resort will have your dog feeling and looking their best! While waiting for their appointment, our spa guests enjoy individualized rooms that offer a quiet and comfortable waiting area. Have you ever wondered how your dog behaves during their grooming? Watch on our live webcam that has access to all of our grooming tables! When your dog is ready for their next spa appointment, make a reservation to reserve a private waiting room and watch them enjoy a stress-free day of beauty!